T.R.E.E. has helped over 6000 households in the last 12 months.

Here are just some of the stories of the people we met and the staff that work here:

Charles story

Charles’ story

I had enjoyed a long and varied work career in driving, retail stock control and warehousing. During a contract renewal restructuring I was made redundant from an out of hours medical service.  Age does not always get viewed as experience, and living in the Clacton area I found it really difficult to get back into full time work.  After several years of unemployment I was placed onto a SEETEC work placement with T.R.E.E.  Overcoming my initial reluctance, I found T.R.E.E’s ethos something I could believe in.  Matching my skills and experience with the role has increased my confidence and introduced me to a great team.  I take great pride in refurbishing white goods to a standard that people would want in their own homes.

Now I want to see other people of any age that are affected by long term unemployment have the same opportunity as me.


(Charles has since left T.R.E.E. and we wish him well in his future endeavours).



Ellies story

Ellie’s story

I’ve always been resourceful in finding work, never wanting to accept handouts but earn my own way.  I’ve worked in retail, local tourism and production lines, but I’ve struggled with dyslexia over the years and found it difficult to keep up with technology in the work place. I love working with people and was really pleased to be given an opportunity to work in the T.R.E.E shops.  Helping people find the right product and seeing how grateful they are for the service we offer gives me great job satisfaction.  It’s great seeing unwanted furniture and white goods going to new homes where they can make such a difference to a family.

All our sales, donations and deliveries are booked onto our computer system.  Since joining team T.R.E.E.  I’ve been able to learn some new IT skills which has given me greater confidence and hope for the future.  I hope that others overcoming issues like dyslexia will be able to have the same opportunity as me with charities like T.R.E.E.

(Ellie has since moved on from T.R.E.E. and in to full time employment elsewhere. We wish her all the best.)



Tom's story

Tom’s story

“I’ve been in and out of trouble since a teenager.  School was never good for me and I didn’t get any qualifications.  I lost my job through a stupid mistake, ending up in prison.  A job offer with TREE helped get me out early and has given me a new confidence to change my life for the better.  Its great being part of a team that is helping people set up home with some great furniture.  I want to see others like me given the same opportunity”


(Tom has since left T.R.E.E. and we wish him well for his future endeavours).