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Beating Furniture Poverty
Throughout Essex

Tendring Reuse and Employment Enterprise (T.R.E.E.) is a charity that provides volunteer and work placement opportunities for people in the local community. We specialise in those with learning difficulties, the long term unemployed and young people not in education, employment or training (NEET).

We create work and training opportunities through the collection, testing and sale of donated second hand furniture, washers, driers, cookers fridges, freezers and a whole range of other large electrical appliances.  You can make a real difference by donating furniture to our charity.  Read Tom’s story to find out how we make a difference.


Tom WebToms story

“I’ve been in and out of trouble since a teenager.  School was never good for me and I didn’t get any qualifications.  I lost my job through a stupid mistake, ending up in prison.  A job offer with TREE helped get me out early and has given me a new confidence to change my life for the better.  Its great being part of a team that is helping people set up home with some great second hand furniture.  I want to see others like me given the same opportunity”




We accept and collect good quality donated furniture and electrical items for reuse; and recycle what cannot be reused.

Donate some furniture to our charity today

Refurbished quality items are then sold at low cost to the general public, particularly benefiting those who are disadvantaged. In turn this has multiple benefits on the community, including reducing social and financial exclusion and lowering carbon emissions and landfill.

Working across Essex, we sell second hand furniture and appliances in Clacton-on-Sea, Tendring, and Braintree & we collect items from further afield too.  Contact us today to donate an item of furniture to the charity.

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Our Jessop Close Warehouse is full of Great Stock! Visit us at CO15 4LX. Plenty of parking, and local delivery is available. See in-store for details.
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30th of April 2018 03:36 PM
We're going back to basics. Its as simple as A, B, C. Washing Machines graded from A=£110, B=£100, C=£90.
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Lots of great furniture and appliances available from our Clacton High Street Shop. Visit today at CO15 1NR.
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